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If you are facing a civil or criminal charge it can be overwhelming.  I understand the emotional
hardship you are facing. You need to find high quality experienced legal assistance when the
outcome of your situation could mean jail, expensive fines and/or probation.  And you must be able
to depend on being represented by a defense that is tailored to your individual situation.

When looking for an attorney to represent you it is important to find someone who has:
Experience trying cases in various courts on a regular
Successfully handled hundreds of cases;
Has a proven track record.
I am an experienced trial attorney specializing in civil and criminal law and
have practiced in the Knoxville area since 1972.   With over 40 years of
experience in both private practice and as an Assistant Public Defender
for the State of Tennessee and Knox County I do not shy away from a
challenge and I have a proven track record of success.  

You can depend on my personal, professional services for a reasonable
What to do if you are arrested....

Be calm.  Do NOT run or fight.  You could make matters substantially worse or even dangerous for yourself.

Be quiet.  Except for your name, you may remain silent.  Please help to keep your rights intact by not offering
information.  The overwhelming majority of the time you will not be smart enough to talk yourself out of a legal
situation -even if you are wrongly arrested.  
Be polite.  Do not be rude or hostile. Do not give permission for
any searches
. Do not believe anything the officers may say to get you to talk about your case.    

Make this request.  The only exception to ‘Be Quiet’ is to state clearly and as soon as possible, ‘I want an

Call me!       (865) 397-7622
Jim D. Owen
Attorney at Law
(865) 397-7622
Providing successful
defense in East
Tennessee for over
40 years.
Serviing Knox, Jefferson, Hamblen and other
surrounding counties in East Tennessee

email:  jdowen@jimowenlegal.com        
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